Gunung jerai height - Gunung Jerai Kedah, Malaysia

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Jerai height gunung Gunung Jerai

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Jerai height gunung Gunung Jerai

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Jerai height gunung Gunung Jerai

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Gunung Jerai to be test site for water column warning system

Touristlink makes it easy to arrange your trip directly with the person organizing it.

  • You can organize conference or seminar too, in their conference room, but I think it is not suitable due to the transportation issue.

  • The summit offer beautiful 360 degree view of it surrounding.

Mount Jerai

In addition, the mountain and its surroundings are ideal for nature-based activities such as hiking, camping and mountain biking.

  • It is a good place for relaxing, suitable family vacation, friends gathering and team building activities.

  • The height of Gunung Jerai provided ancient seafarers and traders a visible landmark to navigate.