Epumula - Iris pumila (dwarf iris): Go Botany

Epumula Pumula North

Pumula Accommodation, KwaZulu

Epumula The beautiful

Epumula Iris pumila

Epumula Accommodation —

Handful of people attend Byo Dope Party


Epumula The beautiful

Epumula Pumula North

Izinyatelo Eziya ku Kristu — Ellen G. White Writings

Epumula Pumula

Epumula PUMULA Yacht

Epumula Accommodation —


It was great to hear of your past visits and the positive response to all of our changes in respect of the new entrance, the palm terrace, lounge extension and new buffet and pizza oven area.

  • Not a nice overture, but the crew were alert as we motored out of the mouth of Rio del Plata.

  • Kind regards, We always enjoy our stay at Pemula.

Iris pumila (dwarf iris): Go Botany

Pumula has been delivered in the Spring of 2012.

  • A new regime had now come into place.

  • This seating adapts simply into a small couch, should the owner choose to relax or sleep there.

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