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iKON BI bows his head in apologies and admits to all charges during the first illegal drug use court hearing and may face up to 3 years in prison!

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7 Fakta B.I Keluar dari iKON, Pengedar Takut dengan Bos YG Entertainment hingga Hanbin Menghilang

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Hanbin alias berniat untuk menggunakan dan memesan narkoba pada tahun 2016 lalu.

  • I to a probationary period of 4 years.

  • Sure, he didn't have the strongest run on the show.

Profile of iKON's B.I: Abs, His Father, Tattoos, Dating, Hairstyles, etc

South Korea's Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency sent a sample of Kim's body hair to the country's National Forensic Service for examination and no illegal drugs were detected, police confirmed to the Sports World news outlet, Soompi reports.

  • Celebrities who are caught are often paraded in front of the nation's media for apology tours.

  • I was cast for 2's variety show Grand Buda-guest in 2019.