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Onde onde Onde Onde

5 Cara Membuat Onde

Another variation is only made from wheat flour and are colored on its surface such as white, red, or green, known as onde-onde wheat, onde-onde which is typical of the city of Mojokerto.

  • Onde-onde is a kind of cake snacks are popular in Indonesia.

  • Pour into a plastic container and freeze.

Strona główna

Tos dan terus masukkan ke dalam pinggan kelapa parut yang telah digaul bersama sedikit garam.

  • There are a variety of variations, the best known are dumplings made of glutinous rice flour and stuffed inside the green bean paste.

  • Have a slotted spoon, sieve sitting over a bowl, the fillings out of freezer at the last minute when doing the durian, you do have to work faster as it melts quite quickly and all the coating ready in separate bowls.

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