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Redang Beach Resort, Redang Island

Whether you wish to have a lavish buffet spread of International and Asian Fusion inspired cuisine at Asean All Day Dining or dine outdoors on the deck with a modern Italian Menu at MareNero, you will find it hard to resist the fare on offer.

  • Pantai ini merupakan antara tarikan utama pengunjung di Pulau Redang.

  • From luxe rooms with oversized, comfy beds, to a spa where you can pamper yourself with an indulging massage that will soothe your mind, body, and soul, we guarantee you won't want to leave this haven the moment you step foot in here.

10 Best Resorts & Hotels In Pulau Redang 2022: Beautiful Island Resorts With Stunning Sea Views

Dont forget to try their 'sambal belacan', a secret recipe by Chef Sam that will increase your appetite.

  • There is night party along the beach at weekends and holidays.

  • Pamper yourself at the spa Travelling to Pulau Redang with your significant other? You can reach it easily if you are staying at one of the kampung homestays.

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