Loud korean show - Psy and JYP’s upcoming idol survival program LOUD reveals trainees; Faces flak from netizens for their age

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Loud (programa de televisão)

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Why is the LOUD JYP x Psy survival show doing pretty well in terms of ratings in Korea?

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JYP and P NATION’s boy group audition program LOUD to premiere on THIS date

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LOUD: Profile, Members, Ages, Birthdays, Positions

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SBS TV Korea Show Schedule [SBS]

Loud Ep.12

Is it something extremely funny? Modern Farmer In this quirky little drama, the members of the rock band Excellent Souls decide to give up their fast-paced lives in favor of moving to a rural town to farm.

  • The team with the highest score wins and the member of the losing team with the lowest individual score will be nominated for elimination.

  • He dropped out and enrolled in Hanlim Multi Art School to pursue music.

6 Ongoing Korean Drama That You Should Watch Based on Viewership Ratings

At the end of each performance, Park Jin-young will score them out of 100 and each will be ranked individually by Psy.

  • Actually, this is perfect for Korean learners.

  • P Nation wins the round with a total of 134,760 votes while JYP loses the round with a total of 104,195 votes, resulting in Lee Ye-dam, Yoon Dong-yeon, and Lee Dong-hyeon being eliminated.

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