Shameless - 'Shameless' Won't Return For Season 12, But The Series Finale Provides Closure

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Shameless The Ending

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When asked by a social worker who his legal parent or guardian was, Liam seems to have no idea.

  • The Fisher family is dysfunctional and troubled, and the show is unique for its willingness to have frank, complicated discussions about the many facets of dying and grief.

  • Debbie's future seems most at risk of imminent disaster in the Shameless series finale out of all the Gallagher children.

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It's a satisfying end to a season that closed out major storylines dating back to the first season.

  • I will miss you this Sunday! To make up for a lack of Fiona, it looks like the writers went out of their way to offer some fan service to those who kept sticking around, specifically Gallavich shippers who got to see Ian and Mickey tie the knot finally.

  • Even though the show is humorous, just like Shameless, it grapples with intense themes like substance abuse, mental illness, and more coming-of-age issues.