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PIZZA HUT, Segamat

US Pizza always make sure everyone enjoys US Pizza scrumptious pizzas with GREAT SAVINGS! New York Pizza Features large hand-tossed thin crust and often sold in wide slices to go.

  • A man that owns a pizza place? Stand out from the competition by turning on your exclusive Storyboard.

  • If we think about some good American pizzas in Malaysia, US Pizza comes to mind.


تختلف عناصر التحكم هذه حسب المتصفح، وقد يقوم المصنّعون بتغيير كلا الإعدادين اللذين يقوموا بإتاحتهما وطريقة عملهما في أي وقت.

  • Some different types of pizzas include: Italian Pizza As the inventors of pizza, the key difference of an Italian pizza lies in the crust and sauce.

  • From nasi lemak, roti canai to the infamous char kueh teow, the choices are endless.