Hydro archon - Fontaine's archon

Archon hydro Genshin Impact

Murata in Genshin Impact: Everything known about the Pyro Archon and The God of War so far

Archon hydro Hydro Archon?

Genshin Impact

Archon hydro Genshin Impact

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Archon hydro All Archons

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Archon hydro All Archons

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Archon hydro All Archons

God of Justice

Archon hydro Genshin Impact:

Hydro Archon? Check! Venti? Check?

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Theory: The Hydro Archon is Teyvat's Maximilien Robespierre : Genshin_Impact

She also insists that she must correct others.

  • If there were Archons in real life, which element's power would they give you? I also think there's a pretty simple explanation to the hole in the theory you mentioned: Mona wasn't being serious.

  • Like you could be a healer who does continuous hand-to-hand combat or a tank who also heals.

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