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Some geologic features of the Mamut porphyry copper deposit, Sabah, Malaysia

Copper mine mamut MAMUT MINE

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Copper mine mamut MAMUT MINE

Assessment of heavy metals contamination in Mamut river sediments using sediment quality guidelines and geochemical indices

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Another Mining Wasteland Planned for Sabah?

Copper mine mamut MAMUT MINE

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Volcanic rocks are sparse and are represented only by very thin beds of tuff within the preore clastic rock sequence.

  • The haunted tunnels reveal history in such a surprising way.

  • Chinese New Year is celebrated mainly by the Chinese community and during the week of the celebration, one can hear and watch the Ranau team visiting Chinese peoples' houses throughout the Ranau town and its vicinities to perform the dance accompanied by its trademark musical instrument performance of drums, cymbals and gongs as well.

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  • Abandoned Horton Mine Interesting Facts Horton Mine was named after William Alexander Horton who discovered massive amounts of ore in the mine.

  • In view of the above, it is with regret that we now give you notice with effect from 21 February 2013 as the role of South East Asia Regional Manager which you currently hold will be redundant.