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THE 10 BEST Buffet Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Tower dinner kl buffet Dining Experience

Tower dinner kl buffet Dining Experience

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Tower dinner kl buffet Atmosphere 360

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Tower dinner kl buffet KL Tower

Atmosphere 360: Indulge In A Delicious Buffet With A View From The Top Of KL Tower

Tower dinner kl buffet Atmosphere 360

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The restaurant is falling to pieces, the service is beyond lacksadaisical.

  • Went there for a dinner with a friends.

  • From a variety of Lauk Kawah served with aromatic flavoured rice, ulam and sambal belacan, to local favourites such as Satay Kajang, Warung Mee, and durian desserts, get ready to dig into a delicious feast with your family and friends! Sure, they don't have that explosive flavour which you might seek, but with a consistent line up of buffet, they sure draw a lot of regulars.

Great Buffet Dinner

Who can resist the irresistible aroma of a grill? Kindly to be informed that, refund amount will be deducted 5% processing fees.

  • This restaurant is fully-decorated to represent a typical Japanese room, in order to provide guests with an authentic Japanese dining experience.

  • As the sun goes down and the lighting in the restaurant dims, dig into their delicious buffet spread with your loved ones.

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