Israel cyber attack - Israeli government hit by massive apparent cyber attack

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Major Cyberattack Targets Israel Government Sites

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Israel says it thwarted foreign cyber attack on defence industry

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Israel says government sites targeted by cyberattack

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Experts Believe Chinese Hackers Are Behind Several Attacks Targeting Israel

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Israel behind cyber attack on Iranian gas stations, say US officials

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Cyber Attacks in Israel

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Israel's cyber defense chief: We know who is attacking us and we know how to get even

It was not immediately clear who carried out the hack.

  • Upon gaining an initial foothold, the adversary follows an established pattern of conducting credential harvesting and internal reconnaissance to identify key systems within the target network, before carrying out lateral movement activities to install a custom implant called that comes with capabilities such as screen capture and keylogging.

  • Clashes have more recently been fought in the open, with, the , hundreds of airstrikes against Iranian proxies in Syria, and even a mysterious oil spill in northern Israel, which officials there have claimed was environmental sabotage.