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Selcare Management

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Lirik Lagu Cassandra

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Protest against PT Papua Power Indonesia, developer of Urumuka hydropower station

Admin selangkah Selangor introduces

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Selangor introduces SELangkah, a contact tracing tool that uses QR codes

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Selgate Corporation

Ayo beralih ke sistem apliaksi.

  • Hopefully in future, this app going to be 1 of the super app that i can rely on.

  • It is under his navigation that the company functions in a legal and ethical manner while meeting the business goals.

Selcare Management

Reopening the economy — safely Initially set up as a contact-tracing application, Selangkah has since evolved to serve the public to respond better to multidimensional challenges posed by the pandemic.

  • Similar schemes are being implemented in Perak, Kedah and Terengganu.

  • Selangkah features are very user friendly.