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Bt21 koya BT21

Bt21 koya BT21

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Bt21 koya Koya

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Bt21 koya Koya

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Bt21 koya BT21© Koya

BT21 & Line Friends Merch

I was a bit hesitant buying this because there were no reviews of the product but, I'm glad I took the leap of faith.

  • It has a great keychain, that is thick and definitely not cheaply made.

  • It fits so well, nice and soft, real not a knock off! It will hold the weight of the airpods well, especially if you attach to a bag.

BT21 & Line Friends Merch

He works out a lot and imagines that he transforms into a huge muscle man when he gets angry.

  • The playful ads highlight things to do while transiting through the airport.

  • And the only way to get out is, they need to win it.

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