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Setia ipo tuju Tuju Setia

Initial Public Offering (IPO): Tuju Setia Berhad

Setia ipo tuju Tuju Setia

TJSETIA (5297) Overview

Setia ipo tuju Tuju Setia’s

Tuju Setia’s IPO oversubscribed 42.1 times

Setia ipo tuju CurrentListIPOs

Setia ipo tuju TJSETIA (5297)

Setia ipo tuju Sudahkah Anda

Setia ipo tuju Tuju Setia’s

Setia ipo tuju Pembinaan Tuju

Setia ipo tuju TJSETIA (5297):

Pembinaan Tuju Setia Sdn Bhd

TJSETIA (5297): IPO Info

In line with Covid recovery, we saw: Haily broke out till 0.

  • Eng Kong stresses that the firm has high standards when it comes to the safety of their workers, and that their safety supervisors are licensed by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health.

  • In a statement yesterday, the company said it had received a total of 21,292 applications for 682.


What sets us apart is that our operations are based on strong fundamentals.

  • Company having high payable in liabilties.

  • Of the 80 million new shares, 15.

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