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How Marvel's Venom Got Eddie Brock Pregnant

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8 Ways Eddie Brock And Venom Are Friendship Goals

The Perfect MCU Character To Host Eddie Brock's Rogue Venom Symbiote

Sin embargo, Eddie sobrevivió, y continúo trabajando como Toxin, cazando a numerosos criminales en su lucha contra el crimen.

  • Later Eddie Brock approached his ex-wife Anne Weying, and at the thought of having the symbiote back in her life she jumped out of her apartment window and killed herself.

  • In a last-ditch effort to prevent Jubulile from being taken over by Carnage, Eddie gave her the Toxin symbiote in hopes its presence in her body could diminish Carnage's influence.

How Marvel's Venom Got Eddie Brock Pregnant

Toxin now has a deep hatred for Venom, which coincides with Eddie's dislike of Venom.

  • All of these traits make Eddie Brock particularly strong.

  • Luego viste a Gargan en un nuevo traje de Escorpión que contiene una cola cibernética y un aguijón lleno del veneno.

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