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The Hidden Meaning of Hotel California

Chris is playing in the corner next to a massive filled with bass guitars; Dom is alternating playing the drum kit and pushing more drums into the kit; and Matt is at the front, playing and singing into two microphones taped together, with three glass frames in front of him labelled "Matt Close up", "Matt Mid shot" and "Matt Long shot", and a small area above him with eight microphones surrounding it, where he occasionally puts his hand in to snap his fingers.

  • By the shedding of His perfect innocent blood as the final sacrifice, He laid down His life in our place so that any human who wants to know God may be in His perfect physical presence for eternity by believing on Yeshua as our Savior and Redeemer.

  • Of note, A New Order of the Ages and The Problem of Euclid are a perfect match in the 4 base ciphers.

Undisclosed Desires

The Making of The Resistance DVD.

  • Our good works like the nail being hard work from start to finish will yield blessings and rewards in Heaven, but it will not be the means by which we get to Heaven.

  • Furthermore, before the resurrection of Christ, the Holy Spirit did not enter people, but existed around them outside of them for guidance.

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