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Day means wesak Vesak: Most

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What does Vesak Day mean?

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Vesak: Most Sacred Holy Day of Theravada Buddhism

It already existed in the Hindu tradition, and the Buddha himself used meditation as a means to enlightenment.

  • Traditionally, Buddhist made the rockets out of hollow bamboo tubes filled with among other things.

  • It is a quality we learn to house and express over a series of lifetimes.

What does Vesak mean?

Locally the Full Moon has strong effect in the hour following Sunset when the Moon is rising and at local Midnight when the Moon is directly overhead.

  • Because it's considered important to practice the virtues of kindness to all living things, it's traditional in some countries to free caged birds on this day.

  • Continue reading for examples of how we put compassion into action to help ourselves and others.

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