Ulu yam accident - Ulu Yam Road, Selangor, Malaysia: Racing Accident (October 3, 2021) : CrashArchive

Accident ulu yam Another Ulu

Episode 2 : Ulu Yam to Gohtong Jaya

Accident ulu yam Three injured

Another Accident In Ulu Yam

Accident ulu yam 4 injured

Accident ulu yam Why Ulu

Accident ulu yam Pemandu cuba

Bus carrying 24 USIM students crashes in Ulu Yam

Accident ulu yam Senior citizen

Sendat Falls

Accident ulu yam Kemalangan Berlaku

Kemalangan Berlaku Lagi, Netizen Bimbang Dengan Keselamatan Jalan Di Ulu Yam

Accident ulu yam Senior citizen

Why Ulu Yam (Episode 2) is no longer a good place for weekend drives: 10 reasons

Accident ulu yam Trouble at

Accident ulu yam Trouble at

Senior citizen dies, eight others suffer injuries in accident

Until 2014, you would have your groups of weekend drivers on that route, but we're talking maybe three to four groups of four to five cars.

  • Just be very very cautious doing so.

  • I'm somewhat unfimiliar with the place even though it is not too far from where I live.

Another Ulu Yam Crash. Are Motoring Influencers To Blame?

They just kind of enjoyed the road and never took it to a competitive level.

  • It was very horrible experience for me to witness this.

  • I quickly ran to the "Second Level" waterfall, quite some people surrounding the pool, after asking around i realised that a Chinese young guy was trapped inside the water by very strong current.

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