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OH School District EF Messages 0028 and 0037

0028 Bee

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50 G 0028 Pill (White/Round)

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0028 Bee


0028 OH School

OH School District EF Messages 0028 and 0037

Steaks, burgers, dogs, sausage and peppers, whatever, all cook up great.

  • If the entry is for a city, please use the locality code provided in the drop list of the W-2 screen.

  • I have now permanently mounted the unit next to the outdoor kitchen in our travel trailer so that doesn't matter anymore.

0028 Military Time

It's easy to assemble but another review is right about the words and the pictures not matching up in the first step , pretty easy to move around on our patio, and it looks great.

  • I have ordered a Camp Chef and will probably dump this at the metal pile at the local transfer station.

  • I assembled it thinking getting a new bottom tray was not going to be an issue, I was wrong.

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