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Thong is convinced that percussion is an attitude, is a kind of self-discipline, and also an art of experiencing life with the heart.

  • Actually I have been hearing how nice how nice about this place and finally I get a chance to visit it, thanks to my lecturer of Design Theory, Miss Veronica Ng who arranged the trip to us go and see, feel and learn.

  • Located in the heart of the city in Sentul, klpac has come a long way since it began then and is now one of the most ideal spaces where plays, theater and music are constantly celebrated and performed.

This Community Garden & Farm Nestled In Bangsar Is A Hidden Gem For A Little Escape Within The City

Spent about an hour plus eating and playing guitar and singing and shooting around and we took a group shot, after that we went back to campus.

  • Timeworn railway sleepers reused as part of the landscaping to harmonize the old and new.

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