Kiryu coco - Japanese Virtual YouTuber Has Been Suspended For Mentioning Her Taiwanese Viewers

Coco kiryu 【Hololive ×

Kiryu Coco Announces That She's Graduating From Hololive

Coco kiryu Kiryu Coco

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Kiryu Coco Announces Her Graduation From Hololive

Coco kiryu Kiryu Coco


Coco kiryu Kiryu Coco

Kiryu Coco

Coco kiryu Takaya Kuroda,

Coco kiryu Kiryu Coco

Coco kiryu Virtual YouTuber

Announcement of Kiryu Coco’s Graduation : Hololive

Coco kiryu Japanese Virtual

Takaya Kuroda, Hololive VTubers Send Heartwarming Messages to Kiryu Coco

Coco kiryu Kiryu Coco

Virtual YouTuber Kiryu Coco is graduating. Here’s what that means.

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  • However, she will continue streaming until July 1, so her fans will have some time to process the news and gradually say goodbye.

  • The reason involves a lot of things, a lot of things I can't talk about, so you won't hear about them from me.


Today is such a depressing day even the weather here is very cloudy.

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  • That said, I won't beat around the bush, but I will use spoiler tags.