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Sabo Meet Sabo,

Sabo Meet Sabo,

Sabo Sabo (One

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Luffy quickly embraced Sabo, while Sabo thanked Luffy for surviving the.

  • Abilities As the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo has command over all other lower ranking members and answers only to the leader himself.

  • Sabo and Ace worked until evening to move their treasure somewhere else, and Sabo went to check on Luffy.

'One Piece' Finally Reveals Sabo's Bounty

A group of , led by , was searching for Ace to get back the money he had stolen from them, and they spotted and captured Luffy.

  • When informed Sabo that he and the other commanders would be late for Dragon's mobilization conference, Sabo was not worried and was only concerned they are safe.

  • Hack Sabo also works closely with in the Revolutionary Army.