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In the 19th century, infinitesimals were eliminated from the standard development of calculus due to the work of Cauchy and Weierstrass on defining a derivative in terms of limits using the epsilon-delta method.

  • Zeno probably also influenced the Greek atomists to accept atoms.

  • Aristotle said Zeno assumed this is impossible, and that is one of his errors in the Dichotomy.

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Achilles travels a distance d 1 in reaching the point x 1 where the tortoise starts, but by the time Achilles reaches x 1, the tortoise has moved on to a new point x 2.

  • When we consider a university to be a plurality of students, we consider the students to be wholes without parts.

  • Thereafter, Zeno returned to Constantinople and was appointed magister militum praesentalis.

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