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Eliana shalma [VIDEO] Shalma

Malaysian rapper Abubakarxli teams up with Shalma Eliana for the upbeat ‘NAIK’

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Shalma Ainaa and Shalma Eliana get up close and personal with the LV Twist bags

The baby of the quarter says that she has her second sister to thank for her music career and who she is today.

  • Semua orang tahu apa yang saya mahukan.

  • The people around me inspires me a lot.

[VIDEO] Shalma Eliana kini Yana, Your Loss tentang kisah dikhianati

In our recent fashion spread with , we have the Shalma sisters talking about their experiences shooting as a sister-duo for the first time and the importance of support one another when the going gets tough.

  • For me, I learn how to accept and embrace who they are despite the age gap.

  • The reinvented Twist retains the magical texture of Epi leather with enhanced volume and functionality, as well as the iconic Twist - Lock Clasp in elegant metal, rendered with three-dimensional bombé effect.