Pikotaro - PPAP singer gets slapped on the butt by an idol in video for his newest song, “Vegetable”【Video】

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Pikotaro's New 'PPAP' Promotes Handwashing: Watch

Pikotaro Avatar GALA

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Pikotaro The Untold

Pikachu joins PPAP singer Pikotaro in adorable new song │ GMA News Online

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Who Is the Pen

But on the day she died, a set of strange coincidences convinced him that a miracle had happened, just not in the way he had initially predicted.

  • He thought about his background of being from Japan's biggest apple-producing region as he also realized that he had an open can of pineapples on the table.

  • Pikotaro said it feels great to be imitated, and that those from India are his favorite so far.

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