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Egaj egaj

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Egaj Cynthia L


Egaj Samuel voyage

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Greece Upgraded in Greece, Europe

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All That Glitters: Gemstone Photographs

Egaj egaj



Aside from a transcription of the passenger manifest there are no extant records that I can find about that 1731 crossing, which might have been Capt.

  • History We don't have any information on the history of the Egaj name.

  • The star is evident under the typical pinpoint light source, but is it sharper when the light source is closer to the gem.

All That Glitters: Gemstone Photographs

We do find that the return trip home, in August 1731, had among its passengers Charles Wesley, the Methodist hymn composer among other famed talents.

  • A wonderful medium dark blue, Translucent which is what you want and it has a nice star when in the proper light.

  • The Greeks, from Thales to Plato and Aristotle, were philosophers and not scientists in today's sense.