Bob odenkirk - Bob Odenkirk collapses on set of Better Call Saul

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Nobody (2021 film)

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Odenkirk bob Why ‘The

'Nobody' Inspired by Bob Odenkirk Being Robbed at Gunpoint

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Bob Odenkirk Suffered 'Heart

Odenkirk bob Bob Odenkirk

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Why ‘The Office’ Almost Chose Bob Odenkirk Over Steve Carell

Odenkirk bob Nobody (2021

'Better Call actor Bob Odenkirk Recalls Almost Dying from 'Heart Incident'

Odenkirk bob Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk knew Chris Farley would die years before it happened

In 2021, Odenkirk starred in the action film , to positive reviews.

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  • Additionally, law enforcement told the outlet they received a call to the studio lot at 11.

Bob Odenkirk's 'small' heart attack? Doctors say they're a big deal

During this time, while his comedy partner vaulted from success to success with standup specials and a role on Arrested Development, Odenkirk seemed stuck in limbo.

  • It demonstrates a giddy fan-level enthusiasm for anything he enjoys.

  • He assisted Tim and Eric with the development of their second series,.