Toppen cinema - New TGV Multiplex Cinema in Malaysia Featuring MAG Cinema systems

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Cinema toppen Tanjong Golden

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Cinema toppen New TGV

Le Quattro Volte (2010)

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Cinema toppen TGV Toppen

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TGV Cinema, Toppen Mall

Cinema toppen Just 1


Tanjong Golden Village Cinema (TGV)

Other than Ikea Tebrau, Toppen is also right next to another giant mall, the popular Aeon Tebrau City.

  • We chose to select Brainy, between several beloved characters, because is wise and can be easily identified, especially by his glasses.

  • Olsen-medley "Marie Marie" "Angelina" "Plastic Fantastic" September 27 "From Paris to Berlin" "Whenever You Need Me" "Pistolskud" "Ten Miles" " Love Is All" "Downtown Boys" "Electric Light" October 4 "Den generte dreng" "Fra kæreste til grin" "Jylland Sjælland " "Sommer i Europa" "Sød musik" " Øl på Bryggen" "Alderspræsident" October 18 "Kegle" "Cand.