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Ipo farm fresh Farm Fresh

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Ipo farm fresh Malaysia's Farm

Malaysia's Farm Fresh shares up 26% at debut of $238 mln IPO


This is an almost 26 premium over its initial public offering.

  • This includes our best-selling milk- and yogurt-based products, and even plant-based products such as soy, almond, and oat milk.

  • No Hidden Fees or Trade Minimums.

Farm Fresh sets IPO price at RM1.35 per share, valued at 36 times of FY21 adjusted profit

Mereka masih belum memasuki subsegmen lain dalam industri tenusu seperti Subsegmen Susu Membesar, Susu Dewasa dan Ais Krim yang boleh memperoleh margin yang lebih tinggi.

  • The company said last month it had secured a record number of cornerstone investors in a.

  • Mr Loi started Farm Fresh when he noticed that.