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Hamas fatah Israel

Fatah and Hamas

Hamas fatah Palestinian unity

Fatah and Hamas agree on new Palestinian prime minister

Hamas fatah Gaza E.R.

The Hamas

Hamas fatah Hamas seizes

Hamas fatah Gaza E.R.

Conflito entre Hamas e Fatah

Hamas fatah Fatah and

Hamas seizes Fatah headquarters in Gaza

Hamas fatah Palestinian unity


Hamas fatah The Challenge

Hamas fatah Hamás

Fatah, Hamas say deal reached on Palestinian elections

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What are Fatah and Hamas?

When Abbas and Hamas in the failed to reach an agreement, Abbas appointed, on 6 April 2006, the Fatah-affiliated Abu Shbak head of the Security Forces, by-passing the Hamas.

  • That control makes the decision-making process much easier.

  • After waging guerrilla warfare on Israel, Fatah eventually became the chief proponent of peace talks.


However, many Fatah members fled the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, and Fatah gunmen stormed Hamas-led institutions in the West Bank after the.

  • Hamas said voting in East Jerusalem does not need Israeli permission.

  • At the end of the day, Fatah and Hamas agreed on a ceasefire, though gunfire continued outside Mohammed Dahlan's house.

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