T20 paralympics - Malaysian shot putter stripped of Paralympic gold after arriving three minutes late

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24 Amazing Paralympics Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Paralympics t20 Paralympics Games

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From Primark to the podium: Columba Blango wins Paralympic bronze

24 Amazing Paralympics Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

BC1 - Athletes in sport class BC1 have severe activity limitations affecting their legs, arms and trunk due to co-ordination impairments, and are typically dependent on a powered wheelchair.

  • Handcycle sport classes: H1-H5 - There are five different sport classes for handcycle, and lower numbers indicate a more severe activity limitation.

  • How many number of medals will be provided in the Tokyo Paralympics 2020? The F20 class in shot put is for athletes with an intellectual disabilities.

Athletics at the 2020 Summer Paralympics

An athlete in the F55 class has partial to full abdominal muscle activity, but no leg function.

  • Athetosis involuntary movements - Athletes with Athetosis have continual slow involuntary movements.

  • In both bike and run segments, amputee athletes may use an approved prosthesis or other supportive devices.

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