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Mantanani Island Day Trip

Island mantanani Mermaid Island

Pulau Mantanani Nido Lodge

Island mantanani SUTERA AT

Pulau Mantanani Outdoor Activities: Things to Do in KK for Holiday Vacation

Island mantanani Mantanani Island,

Island mantanani Mantanani Island,

Mantanani Island

Island mantanani Mantanani islands

How To Visit Malaysia’s Mantanani Islands for Diving

Island mantanani Mantanani Island

Mantanani Island

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How To Visit Malaysia’s Mantanani Islands for Diving

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Island mantanani MANTANANI ISLAND

Mantanani Island Snorkeling Tour Price 2022 + [Promotions / Online Discounts]

Kampong Mantanani Weather

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  • The Mantanani Islands are just amazing with abundant and diverse marine life and white sandy beaches just ideal for sunbathing.

  • The daytime temperature is going to reach 33 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 24 °c at night.

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The colorful wooden homes offer basic accommodation and a chance to experience village life.

  • For your information, Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud also hosts various kinds of great hikes through the barren lava fields, lush rainforests or secluded beaches.

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