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Tay phor Phor Tay

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Phor Tay Temple 🇲🇾

Those who wish to contribute to the fund can call 04-2270772.

  • Phor Tay High School has since moved to its present location in Sungai Dua in 2009 due to the demand for a Chinese national-type secondary schools in the of Penang island.

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Phor Tay High School

Phor Tay was founded in 1935 by a Buddhist nun, the Venerable Fung Lian, who came from China to propagate Buddhism in Penang.

  • Mr Aw Boon Haw made another donation to fund the construction of six classrooms.

  • At number 44, The Last Patriot is rather moving, focusing on a Proton crest held in the palm of a hand painted or photo-shopped! The book is perfect as a present for foreign friends or Malaysian students who have stayed away too long.