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Tanjiro fz Nezuko takes

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Tanjiro fz Nezuko takes

Nezuko takes about as much damage as Tanjiro gives out : KimetsuNoYaiba

Tanjiro fz Nezuko takes

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Tanjiro fz blog.mizukinana.jp: Staremeplz

Tanjiro fz Nezuko Tanjiro

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Japandco : Figurines et Goodies DBZ, One piece, Demon slayer, Mangas

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  • After the battle, Tanjiro returns home with his sister and friends.

Inosuke VS Tanjiro /Voiceover Commentary. What did yall think of this fight when you first saw it? : MyAnimeList

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  • Tokyo questioned how would Tanjiro change in his quest due to his need of becoming stronger and whether or not he might reach the happy ending he wants.

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