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Blix Ultra launched as 28 MPH fat tire electric bike with 80 miles of range

Hans Blix

Came in a week in perfect condition! Despite the 750W sticker, the company says that the peak power rating of the motor is actually 1,350 watts.

  • In-Depth Review Frame The industry standard material for eBike frame construction is 6061 aluminum alloy, and that is what the Blix Aveny is made of.

  • They take money from brands to skew results.


This combines with the high power 500 watt hub motor can produce up to 50 newton meters of torque.

  • I have had some frustration and customer service issues but honestly they have done everything possible to correct the issues and with a bit of patience I know I am going to years of love on this bike.

  • It took me 15 emails to try to get a resolution.