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What Is a Croffle? Everything You Need To Know About This Food Trend

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The Croffle, a croissant waffle hybrid, has arrived

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What Is a Croffle? It’s a Big Food Trend for 2022

I suppose it's possible the croffle was also more relaxed with me, and expressed more of its true flavor.

  • There are loads of fantastic toppings you can put on your croffles.

  • Soal rasa, tentu tidak bisa dipungkiri lagi kelezatannya.


Tips for the Best Croffles If you can't find croissant dough, use puff pastry instead.

  • A five minutes squish on the machine, and done.

  • This was probably the most rushed cake i've ever made lol but it turned out so beautiful and so delicious regardless! In Queens, , Coffee Factory, and have recently added it to their menus.