Tpha - 梅毒血清反応(STS、TPHA)

Tpha Treponema pallidum

Tpha Treponema pallidum

TPHA test: Introduction, Principle, Procedure, Result Interpretation

Tpha TPHA Conference

TPHA Test Use, Procedure & Normal Range

Tpha TPHA Test

Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay

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Tpha 梅毒血清反応(STS、TPHA)


Tpha Treponema pallidum

TPHA Conference 2022(Murfreesboro TN)


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TPHA: Principle, Procedure, Results, Interpretations • Microbe Online

Quanto maior for a diluição em que ainda se deteta o anticorpo, mais positivo é o resultado.

  • National Center for Health Statistics Health NCHS , United States, 2008 With Chartbook Hyattsville, MD: 2009.

  • The Tpha test is a sensitive haemagglutination test designed particularly to detect Treponema pallidum antibodies IgM and IgG.

TPHA test: Introduction, Principle, Procedure, Result Interpretation

Management of syphilis is based on the stage of the infection.

  • This test requires minimal laboratory equipment and is easy to perform.

  • La syphilis est en recrudescence depuis les années 2000 en France.