Itzy fandom name - Day6 Finally Revealed Their Official Fandom Name!

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Fandom name itzy ITZY Reveals

Fandom name itzy Itzy

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Fandom name itzy 40 Most

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Fandom name itzy 40 Most


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ITZY's official fandom name is MIDZY! : kpop

That's where this little guide comes in.

  • They also announced that they would hold a tour across several countries that would allow them to meet My Day from overseas.

  • It also comes from the idea that 2pm is the hottest time of day.

ITZY Reveals Official Fandom Name

C for Youth', but it has another meaning too.

  • On November 2, the next day, a Naver article was published reporting that the group will be made up of six members and that previously revealed members Yujin and Wonyoung were to be included.

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