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Intercostal Muscles: Definition, Location, Anatomy, Functions

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  • Best Ribs Ever celebrates the ingredient that epitomizes barbecue and inspires passion, obsession, and almost primal lust in griller and eater alike.

  • This happens through one of two actions or a mix of the two : when the lower ribs the diaphragm connects to are stabilized by muscles and the central tendon is mobile, when the muscle contracts the central tendon is drawn down, compressing the cavity underneath and expanding the thoracic cavity downward.

The pairs of ribs in human body are

The human thoracic cage, with ribs, sternum, and thoracic vertebrae.

  • On the interior wall of the rib body is a channel, sulcus costae, with blood vessels and nerves.

  • Although arthropods also have a thorax, the structure is quite different from ours.

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