Clipchamp - Windows 11 gets new Clipchamp video editor, search highlights

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Clipchamp Windows 11

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Microsoft acquires Clipchamp to empower creators

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Microsoft acquires Clipchamp to empower creators

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Clipchamp Get 2

Clipchamp is Microsoft’s new video editing app for Windows 11

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Microsoft increases free plan for video editor Clipchamp to include 1080p exports


Try automatic English subtitling for free Why add captions on Clipchamp? Choose Dev Channel and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish all the operations to join in Windows Insider Program.

  • Fast-forward to 2021, and it appears the rest of the world is on team video too.

  • In other words, you will have to take turns with your collaborators to edit projects using the app.


The Clipchamp team is dedicated to making a video app they would personally love and are proud to have the world use as well.

  • The tool that you will need to cut the video into multiple parts is the white sticker on the timeline.

  • Microsoft is also making further improvements to clear up some of the legacy of Windows.