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Finger meaning ring Ring Finger

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Finger meaning ring Ring finger

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Ring finger

They are responsible to keep teenagers away from bad habit or act that can affect their character.

  • However, there was a time when a man would wear at least one if not two rings on his pinky to mark the end of his bachelorhood.

  • The meanings are much the same in the West for the right-hand rings as the left, just lesser used.

The Meaning Behind the Rings on Your Fingers

Wearing a Ring on the Little Finger A pinky ring is something straight out of films about the mob: men who usually wear rings on their smallest fingers are seen as good negotiators and have a certain level of personal flair.

  • They are for girls who love to accessorize.

  • The best rings for the index finger have lapis lazuli, amethyst, or blue topaz stones.

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