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Get a free smartphone, free mobile data and more with the YES PRIHATIN Plans for B40 citizens!

Free b40 handphone HP EliteBook

Program Jaringan Prihatin utk penerima BPR (B40)

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Permohonan & Semakan Bantuan Smartphone Percuma B40 Secara Online

Free b40 handphone PEMERKASA: Subsidi

YTL beri telefon pintar dan data setahun percuma untuk bantu keluarga B40

Free b40 handphone FREE Smartphone

Free b40 handphone HP EliteBook

Free b40 handphone Permohonan &

Free b40 handphone Jaringan Prihatin:

Free b40 handphone Permohonan Telefon

Yayasan YTL Beri Smartphone Percuma Buat Pelajar Sekolah Golongan B40, Terbaik!

Free b40 handphone Bantuan Telefon

Bantuan Tablet Percuma Untuk Pelajar B40 2022

Bantuan Smartphone Percuma B40 semakan dan Permohonan online

Hampir kesemua lapisan umur memiliki smartphone ini, tidak kira dari yang sudah berumur sehingga lah budak kecik.

  • No Questions Suggested answer 1 What is this promotion about? A netizen posted on Facebook that the smartphone they received as a part of the Bantuan Prihatin initiative to help students in B40 families, burst into flames while the child was using it to study online.

  • However, you can sign up for a new line or port in a number to enjoy this offer.

FREE Smartphone from RM38!

The entire programme will last from 5 May 2021 to 30 September 2022.

  • Kemaskini: Kini golongan B40 boleh sehingga 31 Julai 2021.

  • Please check with your selected Service Provider's website to see the list of data plans or device packages on offer, and for further information on registration and redemption of the subsidy.

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