Terminal amanjaya - The 10 Best Restaurants Near Terminal Amanjaya, Ipoh

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Amanjaya terminal Bus from

Terminal AmanJaya, Ipoh

Amanjaya terminal Terminal Amanjaya

Amanjaya terminal KPB Express:

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Amanjaya terminal Ipoh Amanjaya

Amanjaya terminal Bus from

Amanjaya terminal Bus from

Amanjaya terminal Terminal Amanjaya

Bus terminal Amanjaya, Ipoh

Amanjaya terminal Bus from

Terminal Amanjaya (Ipoh): All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go

Terminal Amanjaya Ipoh

Thinking about making a trip from Penang to Ipoh? Q5: What is there to do in Ipoh at night? In front of terminal, we can find Mydin Mall or Plaza.

  • Almost 15-20 minutes to the old town.

  • You can enjoy the views on the train route as well.

KPB Express: Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh (Amanjaya Terminal)

With that in mind, and with the help of some very helpful fellow event-goers, I started making contingency travel plans.

  • Unfortunately, the name that was picked reminds one of an area in another Northern Malaysian state.

  • There are a couple of night clubs too if you really want to dance! Ipoh-style Chee Cheong Fun — This is plain flat rice noodles ladled with fried shallots and soy sauce with pickled green chillies on the side.

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