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RapidKL LRT Kelana Jaya Line

Glenmarie route lrt Field Notes:

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LRT3 Bandar Utama

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Glenmarie Railway Station • RailTravel Station

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Glenmarie LRT Station

ION light rail

The Kelana Jaya Line stations were also designed to have platform gaps smaller than 5 cm to allow easy access for the disabled and wheelchair users.

  • Parking facilities with 569 parking bays are available at the station.

  • In this post, I have explained it in three different scenarios.

Federal Highway Route

The station will serve as an interchange of the Bandar Utama-Klang Line target opening on 31 August 2020 which is currently under construction.

  • All stations have facilities such as lifts, escalators, public telephones, surau and public toilets.

  • Legal actions, if any, relative to the use of RailTravel Station shall be held in the courts of the Republic of Singapore.