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Jojo white snake Whitesnake(Pucci's Son)

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Whitesnake is the Worst Stand in Jojo (Narratively) : StardustCrusaders

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  • It must seem foolish, even nonsensical, for him to be so steadfast in his friendship with a man who had passed away decades ago.

  • Personality Despite being controlled by Pucci, Whitesnake moves with its own sense of self-awareness and will often portray a cold, scornful, and hateful personality.

The problem with Whitesnake : StardustCrusaders

Whitesnake also demonstrates the ability to insert and extract Discs of miscellaneous use.

  • But that's the only time that a character like that shows up in Part 6, and as a result, he's the only minor villain I actually like.

  • Sunday - Small-talk Sunday talk about whatever! Its attire is based on 's image of an executioner.

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