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African Elephant: Is This Species Endangered?

Some management efforts have been successful at increasing local populations, so much so that contraception or trap-and-relocate programs had to be implemented to sustain the habitat.

  • They frequently wallow in mud to protect their skin from sunburn.

  • A group of 80 elephants including eight bulls had gathered in the morning in a 150 m 490 ft radius around the birth site.

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She will take them to water and food beyond their usual range, and teach them how to protect themselves from danger.

  • What is elephant dung and how much does elephant poop weigh? David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust The works to protect African elephants and in Kenya through a nursery and hand-rearing, anti-poaching projects, de-snaring, and education programs.

  • In Ethiopia, the African bush elephant has historically been recorded up to an elevation of 2,500 m 8,200 ft.