Sajat australia - Sajat 'tayang' rumah baru di Australia

Australia sajat Sajat muncul

Australia sajat Sajat ‘lari’

Australia sajat iview

Australia sajat Nur Sajat

Australia sajat My beautiful

Australia sajat 'I don't

Sajat muncul di 'IG Live' dakwa sudah berhijrah ke Australia

Australia sajat Now free

Australia sajat Now free

Sudah berhijrah ke Australia, Sajat ‘cerai talak tiga’ dengan Malaysia

Australia sajat Sudah berhijrah

Australia sajat Sajat muncul

'I don't feel safe'

LGBT Malaysians celebrated a ruling earlier this year that was seen as a landmark challenge to the ban on gay sex.

  • Last month, Malay-language reported unnamed sources as purporting that Sajat had been arrested after an immigration raid in Bangkok, Thailand, in early September, after which she was charged in court and bailed out by a Malaysian friend who flew over expressly for this.

  • Terbaharu, Sajat berkongsi gambar rumah baharunya di sana dan difahamkan Sajat bakal menetap di Canterbury, Australia.