Puma support israel - ACT NOW! Urge Sportswear Giant Puma NOT to Boycott Israel!

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BDS intensifies Boycott PUMA campaign, calls on it to end complicity with apartheid Israel

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Two Palestine stands in Toulouse urge: Boycott Puma, boycott Israel

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Why Palestinians are calling for a boycott of Puma

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In 2019, over 200 Palestinian football teams wrote a letter to Puma, calling on it to end its sponsorship, pointing out that it is lending legitimacy to the settlements and to Israeli human rights abuses.

  • But as he made his way from Gaza to the West Bank to join his team in July 2009 he was arrested and imprisoned without charge by Israel.

  • We must stand up to them.

Palestinian Activists Call for Puma Boycott over Sponsorship Deal with Israel (VIDEO)

Please support journalism that amplifies the urgent voices calling for freedom and justice in Palestine.

  • In contrast Pepsi abided by the Arab League boycott of Israel which ended in May 1991, after 1992 Pepsi is also trading in Israel.

  • While there has been interest in boycotting international companies doing business with Israel, we feel the emphasis on Israeli companies better serves to bring attention to the illegal and unethical actions of the Israeli government.

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