Jamboard - How to use Google Jamboard to create and share collaborative whiteboards

Jamboard Google Jamboard:

9 Reasons you DON’T need Google Jamboard

Jamboard Interactive Games

Jamboard Interactive Games

5 Jamboard activities for any classroom (with templates!)

Jamboard Let’s jam—Jamboard

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Let’s jam—Jamboard is now available

Jamboard Free Jamboard

Jamboard jamboard tutorial

Learn how to use Jamboard

Jamboard How to

How to Use Jamboard: 10 Ideas to Get You Jammin’

Jamboard How to

How to Customize Your Jamboard Background

Jamboard Jamboard

Google Jamboard: Collaborative Digital Whiteboard

Overall, love the app and really hope Google keeps it around for awhile.

  • If you have already been using some of my previous Jamboard ideas or attended any of my free Jamboard trainings, I am so ready to spill the tea! Auto-Archiving Feature for Jamboard Sessions The most productive feature of Jamboard is the automatic archival of each session.

  • Then I will change the size of the document to make sure it is the correct size for Jamboard.

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